The procuring entity may have specified various criteria related to the suitability of tenders and suppliers, as well as questions to which suppliers must respond. 


1. Log in to the supplier portal.

2. Select the call for tenders on the "Calls for tenders" tab. 

3. Open the "Suitability requirements" tab. 

  • For the "Tender validity period", select a date by clicking on the calendar icon. The tender validity period must be at least as long as the period specified by the procuring entity (this information is shown in parentheses next to the field).
  • The question form can be used to pose various questions as specified by the procuring entity. It may be mandatory to respond to the questions.
  • Data may have minimum and maximum requirements. Tenders cannot be submitted unless the supplier has responded to all of the criteria that the procuring entity has set as mandatory.
  • Text-type questions are answered by entering a response.
  • Number-type questions are answered by providing a numerical value.
  • Yes/no-type questions are answered by selecting yes or no from a drop-down box.
  • Selection-type questions are answered by selecting one or more responses from a drop-down box.
  • Upload-type questions are responded to by uploading the document(s) requested by the procuring entity.

How can the requested attachments be created and uploaded?

The procuring entity may request information such as clarifications in the form of an attachment. 

  • If the requested attachment does not yet exist, it can be created using the desired software.
  • You can upload the requested attachments in any commonly-used file format (unless the procuring entity has specifically requested a certain file format).
  • These formats include .doc, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .jpg, .tif, .gif, .bmp, .xls. The file may be up to 100 Mb.


When you click the "Add new attachment>>" link in the call for tenders, a window will appear enabling you to select the desired file from your own computer and attach it to the tender.

The upload window opens: 

There are three ways to upload files onto the tender form:

  • If you have previously saved your own files on the supplier portal (in the section "My details" -> "My documents": service subject to charge) and you wish to use one of them, select the desired file from the "Select file from library" menu and then click the "Save attachment" button. The file will be transferred to the form page.
  • If you have already uploaded a file for a previous section of the same call for tenders and you wish to re-use it, open the "Select saved file" menu, select the file and click the "Save attachment" button. The file will be transferred to the form page.
  • If you wish to upload a new file from your computer, click the "Browse" button in the "Add attachment" section. A window will open allowing you to browse files on your own computer. Search for and select the desired file. When you have selected a file, the browsing window will close and your selected file will be displayed in the upload window. Click the "Save attachment" button under the field and the file will be uploaded to the form page.