You can respond to a clarification request on the supplier portal.


1. Open the clarification request sent to your email address and click on the clarification request link in the message.

2. Log in to the supplier portal.

3. The supplier portal will open the tender that must be clarified. Make the necessary changes to the tender.


4. Select the "Submission of tender" tab and select "Submit supplemented tender" to submit the clarified tender.

NOTE! You can add cover letter for procurement entity add text to field "saate" or you can add attachments "add new attachment"

Note! The maximun size of the attachment is 100 MB, but there is no limit of number of the attachments.

NOTE! You can only provide clarification for tenders after the deadline stated on the call for tenders. The procuring entity must send a clarification request to enable clarifications.

NOTE! You can edit or replace submitted tenders on the "My details" page before the deadline stated on the call for tenders.