You can submit a new tender on the supplier portal.

1. Log in to the supplier portal.

2. Begin responding to your desired call for tenders by selecting a tender using the "Open" button on the "Calls for tenders" tab.

NOTE! Tenders that are in progress can be found on the "My details" page on the "Tenders in progress" tab.

3. Complete the information required on the call for tenders. 

4. Go to the "Enter procurement object information" tab.

5. Select "Expand sub-area"

6. Remove the desired object groups from the tender by pressing the "Click here if you do not wish to offer this group" button on the object group row.

Or select groups from a list

6. Submit the tender by pressing the "Submit tender" button on the "Submission of tender" tab.

NOTE! Before submission, you can view the completed tender in the "Preview" section.

NOTE! The procuring entity must have specified that partial tenders are permitted in order for you to remove object groups from your tender.