You can edit tenders that have been submitted or are in progress on the supplier portal.


1. Log in to the supplier portal.

2. Select "My profile" in the navigation bar.

3. Select the "Tenders" tab.

4. Make a new parallel tender by pressing the  icon.

NOTE! The parallel tender will use your selected tender as a template.

NOTE! The original tender will be retained by the procuring entity.

5. Edit the desired details on the tender.

6. Open the "Submission of tender" tab. Select the method of submission as "Submit as a new parallel tender" and press the "Submit tender" button.

Note: the "Replace tender" selection will replace tenders previously submitted to the procuring entity.

Note: if you click the  icon on the "Submitted tenders" tab, a previously submitted tender will be opened for editing. Tenders that are not submitted will be returned to the procuring entity with the status "in progress".