You can submit a new tender or a tender in progress on the supplier portal.

1. Log in to the supplier portal.

2. Begin responding to your desired call for tenders by selecting a tender using the "Open" button on the "Calls for tenders" tab.

NOTE! tenders that are in progress can be found on the "My details" page on the "Tenders in progress" tab.

3. Complete the information required on the call for tenders. 

NOTE! you can move forwards by pressing the "Next phase" link in the bottom-right corner of the page.

4. You can name tender (optional). Fill needed information "Tender contact person" and " The e-mail address the contract award should be sent to"

  • By naming the call of tender, you can identify the call of tender you have sent
  • Please note that the email address is one that is certainly used, when the contracting entity makes the contract award. Information can not be changed once the deadline for a call for tender has expired.

NOTE! Contract award can be sended only in one address. System will not approve more than one e-mail address in field " The e-mail address the contract award should be sent to". If you fill extra information to that field, you can not submit tender.

5. Submit the tender by pressing the "Submit tender" button on the "Submission of tender" tab.

NOTE! before submission, you can view the completed tender in the "Preview" section.