Messages to the suppliers selected to the framework agreement will be sent by default to the contact person specified in the company profile in the Supplier Portal. You may add addresses to the framework agreement mailing list if applicable. In this case, the messages sent by the contracting entity will be sent not only to the contact person, but also to all the addresses added to the mailing list.

From the submitted tenders, locate the tender submitted under the framework agreement concerned (My profile - Tenders - Sent), and then click ‘E-mail list’. 

To add new addresses to the list

  • Select from the drop-down menu an e-mail address of a user of your own company profile (Add by selecting a company person from the list)
  •  Type the e-mail address directly in the text field (add a person by entering the person’s name and e-mail address) 

NOTE! Adding an e-mail address manually will not automatically give the person concerned user privileges to the framework agreement, but instead the person concerned will only receive the notification messages related to it. If the person concerned needs to view the framework agreement details in the Supplier Portal, they must have user credentials defined in the tenderer’s company profile.