Dynamic purchasing system refers to a fully electronic procurement procedure for conventional procurements commonly available on the market. The procurement procedure remains open to all eligible suppliers for its entire duration. In a dynamic purchasing system, all interested suppliers may request to participate in the system during its entire duration. 

Dynamic purchasing systems 

A request to participate in a dynamic purchasing system can be filed by submitting a request to participate to a currently open purchasing system. 

  • The currently open dynamic purchasing systems can be found from the ‘Calls for tenders’ menu under ‘Dynamic purchasing systems. 

  • Select a purchasing system you are interested in, and then click the name of the invitation to participate or ‘Open >>’. 

The ‘Summary of the invitation to participate’ tab opens. The other tabs are discussed below.


Accepted tenderers 

The invitation to participate is visible to tenderers for the entire period of validity of the dynamic purchasing system. The Supplier Portal also displays an up-to-date listing of suppliers that have been accepted to the purchasing system on the ‘Accepted tenderers’ tab. 

  • New tenderers can submit requests to participate in the dynamic purchasing system on a constant basis.

Application for participation 

On the ‘Application for participation’ tab, you may view your own requests to participate and their statuses and create a new request to participate where necessary. The procedure for submitting a request to participate is the same as that for submitting a tender. 

  • Instructions for submitting a tender can be found here. 

  • Start by clicking ‘Start the creation of a new request to participate’. 

  • Instructions for each tab of the call for tenders can be found here. 

  • As with any calls for tenders, tenderers may submit requests for additional information from the ‘Questions and answers’ tab. 

The contracting entity that owns the purchasing system adheres to its own practices as regards the processing time for requests to participate. The contracting entity will send to the suppliers who were selected to join the dynamic purchasing system a decision on their approval or potential rejection by e-mail. With the approval message, the tenderer will also receive information about any ongoing competitive tenderings internal to the purchasing system. 

NOTE! If you no longer wish to receive any messages related to the dynamic purchasing system, remove your incomplete request to participate from the Supplier Portal under My profile – Tenders – In progress. 

Active competitive tenderings (competitive tenderings) 

Any published call for tenders internal to the dynamic purchasing system will be automatically announced to all tenderers selected to the purchasing system. The published call for tenders will be displayed in the Supplier Portal in the dynamic purchasing system details until the expiry of the deadline of the call for tenders concerned. The calls for tenders under internal competitive tenderings will not be shown to suppliers who do not belong to the purchasing system. 

The section will list the currently active competitive tenderings in the dynamic purchasing system. The listing will only be shown to the tenderers who have been accepted to the purchasing system in the Supplier Portal. 

  • Click ‘Open’ to start creating a tender. 

  • Instructions for submitting a tender can be found here. 

Questions and answers 

Following your acceptance to the purchasing system, you may view the new questions received and the answers given to them on the ‘Questions and answers’ tab. 


Exit request and removal decision 

When a supplier has been accepted to the purchasing system, removal from the purchasing system must be requested from the contracting entity concerned by submitting an exit request to this effect. You may submit an exit request from the ‘Exit request and removal decision’ tab. 

A supplier who has been removed from the purchasing system will see the removal decision under ‘Exit request and removal decision’.