You can participate in an auction on the supplier portal. 


Only suppliers selected by the procuring entity can participate in auctions.


You can participate in an auction as follows


1. Open the invitation emailed by the procuring entity and click the "Go to the auction" link.

  • Note: you can also open the auction on the supplier portal.


2. Log in to the supplier portal.


3. Select the desired auction from the list by pressing the "Open the tender for editing" button on the right-hand side.

  • Note: only the emailed link will take you directly to the list of auctions.
  • Note: if you participate in an auction by going directly to the supplier portal, you will need to open the "Calls for tender" section on the front page and then open the "Tenders in progress" tab.


4. You can submit a tender to the auction by entering your tender in the "Enter new value field" and pressing the "Save bid" button.

  • Note: you can see the status of the auction on the right-hand side of the page. (See figure 1)
  • Note: if your bid does not improve your position, an error message will be displayed and your bid will not be saved. (See figure 2)

5. After a successful bid, you will receive confirmation that your bid has been saved (see figure 1) and the status will be updated in the field on the right-hand side (see figure 2). 

  • The bid will be saved when the ranking score or the price of the bid improves. The ranking need not be improved in order for the bid to be accepted.

Note: do not close your browser before you have received confirmation that your bid has been saved. (See figure 1)


6. The auction phase ends according to the specifications set by the procuring entity.

  • Note: the procuring entity proceeds through the procurement in accordance with its own processes. For example, the procuring entity may make a procurement decision, inform participants and make a procurement contract with suppliers.


  • Note: the supplier portal shows an error message (see the figure below) if:
  • You try to make a bid that does not satisfy the minimum change.
  • Your bid does not improve your position.