You can participate in an electronic auction on the supplier portal.


The procuring entity can specify that an electronic auction be held as one of the phases in a tendering process.


Electronic auctions proceed as follows:

1. The procuring entity publishes a preliminary round in the tendering process.

  • Note: in the preliminary round, the procuring entity is seeking suppliers who fulfil the requirements for involvement in the electronic auction.


2. Suppliers provide tenders that fulfil the criteria for the preliminary round on the supplier portal.


3. The procuring entity selects the suppliers who can participate in the electronic auction according to the criteria.

  • Note: the procuring entity may make an interim decision wherein it declares the selected suppliers.


4. The selected suppliers will receive an invitation to the auction by email.

  • Note: the auction can be attended by following the emailed link or by visiting the supplier portal.
  • Note: you can only access the auction during the times specified by the procuring entity.


5. Suppliers make their bids for the object on the supplier portal while the auction is underway.


6. When the auction is over, the procuring entity will make a procurement decision and inform the suppliers.