You can submit a new tender or a tender in progress on the supplier portal.

1. Log in to the supplier portal.


2. Begin responding to your desired call for tenders by selecting a tender using the "Open" button on the "Calls for tenders" tab.

  • Note: tenders that are in progress can be found on the "My details" page on the "Tenders in progress" tab.

3. Complete the information required on the call for tenders. 

  • Note: you can move forwards by pressing the "Next phase" link in the bottom-right corner of the page.


4. Submit the tender by pressing the "Submit tender" button on the "Submission of tender" tab.

  • Note: before submission, you can view the completed tender in the "Preview" section.

If the tender cannot be submitted:

  • Check whether any mandatory information is missing on any of the tabs.
  • If any error messages are displayed in red:

  1. Open the tab that generated the error message. 
  2. Press the button marked "Show missing mandatory information".
  3. Complete the missing information.

  • If the error message, "Note: the following required information has not been entered or is incomplete – tender document", is displayed:
  • Upload the attachments required by the procuring entity on the "Other attachments" tab.


Note: contract awards can only be sent to one email address. The system will not accept more than one email address in the sending field.

Note: in the preview, the tender's total sum field may display zero if the procuring entity has built the call for tenders using numerical criteria.