You can view complaints related to the contract on the supplier portal.


Viewing complaints:


1. Go to the supplier portal and click the "My details" link in the navigation bar.

2. Go to the "Contracts/Complaints" tab from the "My details" section.

  • Note: the page lists the contracts in progress as well as any complaints that have been made in relation to the contract and are in progress.
  • Note: features related to contracts and complaints are available if the procuring entity has enabled them for the contract.
  • Note: contracts in progress are listed under the "Contracts" heading.

3. Click the "Open contract" link to open the contract details or save the contract in PDF format.

Note: complaints in progress are listed under the "Complaints in progress" heading. Click on the name of a complaint to show the essential information about the complaint.

Note: you can view discussion related to the complaint by clicking the "Discussion" link. The link enables notifications of new messages to be sent by email.