You can edit tenders that have been submitted or are in progress on the supplier portal.


1. Log in to the supplier portal.

2. Select "My details" in the navigation bar.

3. Depending on the status of the tender, select either "In progress" or "Sent".

  • Note: you can only edit submitted tenders before the deadline stated on the call for tenders.

4. Select the desired tender for editing by pressing the "Open the tender for editing" button in the final column.

5. Make the necessary changes to the tender.

  • Note: you can move from one tab to another within the tender. When you switch to a different tab, your changes on the previous tab will be saved.


6. Send the edited tender by selecting the "Submission of tender" tab and pressing the "Submit tender" button.

  • Note: remember to select whether you wish to replace the existing tender or submit a new tender. This selection is available above the "Submit tender" button.

Note: as a supplier, you can do the following before the deadline stated on the call for tenders:

  • Submit several tenders under the same call for tenders.
  • Update an existing tender.
  • Cancel a tender.
  • As a supplier, you will see all of the tenders submitted by users in your company. 

Note: you will not see tenders submitted by subsidiaries.