You can edit your own contact details on the supplier portal.


1. Log in to the supplier portal.

2. Select "My profile" in the navigation bar

3. Open the "Contact details" tab on the "My profile" page.


4. Edit the desired details and press the "Save" button.

Note! only the company's contact person can edit the company's contact details.

Note! if you change your user name, the old user name will be set as "inactive" – it will not be deleted.

Note! as a user, you can edit or view the following details in the "My details" section of the supplier portal:

  • Submit several tenders for the same call for tenders. ("Tenders" tab -> Sent)
  • View submitted tenders. ("Tenders" tab -> Sent)
  • View tenders in progress. ("Tenders" tab -> In progress)
  • View active contracts. ("Contracts/Claims" tab)
  • View active complaints and comment on them. ("Contracts/Claims" tab)
  • View report requests and upload the required reports. ("Reports" tab)
  • View additional services that have been purchased. ("Purchases" tab)
  • Save documents for forthcoming calls for tenders. ("My documents" tab)
  • Edit your own contact details. ("Contact Information" tab)
  • Change your password for the supplier portal. ("Contact Information" tab)
  • Change your user name for the supplier portal. ("Contact Information" tab)